A team of NatoGeo climbers carried out essential maintenance on the world's highest weather station at Bishop Rock (8810m) when they stood at top Mt Everest (8848.86 m).

 Guided by  Shangri-La Nepal Treks, under the guidance of climate scientist Baker Perry from Appalachian State University, four Sherpa climbers scaled Mt Everest and successfully fixed the Bishop Rock weather station. Likewise, they even brought down the old station which remained dysfunctional at Balcony area.

Also NatGeo expedition successfully carried out maintenance on all five weather stations installed in the Everest region.

Five automatic weather stations were installed during the Perpetual Planet Extreme expedition on Mt Everest organised by the National Geographic Society. Weather stations were installed at Bishop Rock (8,810m), South Col (7,945 m), Camp II (6,464 m), Everest Base Camp (5,315 m) and Phortse (3,810 m).

The team spent over a month in the Everest region to complete maintenance work.

-Source (THT online )