Recognized by Guinness World Record

Our founder and CEO Mr. Temba Tsheri Sherpa is well recognized by Guinness World Record for the Youngest  Everest Climber in 2001 . After that he set his career as Mountaineer then founded Sherpa Khangri Outdoor in 2011 and excelled many trekking and expeditions . We have Qualified official staffs in operation , Government Licensed Experienced Trekking guides and  NNMGA experienced mountain climbing guides.  Trekking and Mountaineering is not a joke or an easy task . Our well experienced guides will take a good care with ideas of First Aid help , rescuing ideas in term of urgency or so and evacuate as per the situation present in field. We believe in Quality and hospitality services. We have a good name and identity over all Trekking areas and travel trade industry . You can be assure - you are in safe hands with us while trekking and expedition !!!


Genuine and sustainability eco-friendly tourism agency

We are registered under Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation as well as to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Department of Internal Revenue and Taxation is the testimony of our legality.

Furthermore, we are affiliated to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) which make us all the more responsible and recognized. Futhermore we belief and follow eco friendly tourism practise. Our on field team members and staffs are always aware of 'Leave No Trace Principle' . We even encourage our clients on following the same eco friendly tourism in a genuine manner . 


Customer satisfaction is our motto

For any business to grow, we believe in One to Many principle. It means - Our service is well genuine , providing the best hospitality and satisfactorily to guest . That guest surely multiples to many . This paves away to a better purely word of mouth marketing business than any kind of advertisement.

More to our motto - We belief in Customization or Tailor made itinerary as per needs and wants by the guests. This will sort of an easyness , comfort and wants of their money spend worthy. We even give informations, guidelines reagarding it . We take care of our valuable guests as we belief in 'Atithi Deva Bhava '- literally mean serving to guests are like serving to Gods. 


Enthusiastic yet Experienced & Recognized

Sherpa Khangri Outdoors (P) Limited is run by experienced young official memebers inhouse and on field who have achieved a lot of recognition in short period of time. And since the members of the team hail from places which are either same or identical to the locations they work, it makes them all the more knowledgeable and experienced which ultimately affects the degree of safety.

This also enables people to know more about the local cultures and add benefits ,fun along the trail .


Flexible Offers demonstrate our commitment

Although most of the terms and conditions cannot be altered because of the risks in tourism field, our offers are made in such a way that they offer maximum flexibility or extendibility.

There aren't exactly hard and fast rules regarding schedule and length of travels and if a guests demands a certain degree of alteration, the agency will customize with degree of its flexibility to address it time constrants on the note of accommodate or travel periods or any other assit needed to guests bid under law circumstances . However, costs and other related matters accordingly.


We represent honesty , respect and fairness

Our rates are well Standard ones. We deal with best 3 and 4 star Deluxe hotels. Our vehicles , manpower and other logistics are well standard , experienced and properly mannerd one . We do not take excessive charge for any kind of activities and believe in paying fair wages to porters, guides, and everyone else who contributes to the business even in slightest of manner. We do not advertise falsely about our abilities but with respect, honesty, on ethics and integrity serves our best with Quality and Hospitality tourism . 

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