Terms & Conditions

1.    Advance booking
As per the company policy, booking should be done 3 months prior to the tour and it is mandatory for the client to pay 30% of total amount at that time. The advance amount provide will be used for various purpose like hiring guides and porters, documental works, managing supplies for the trip etc. The remaining charges will should be paid on arrival in Nepal, before the trip.

Bank Details:

Name of the bank:     Everest Bank Limited
Account name:          Sherpa Khangri Outdoors Pvt. Ltd.
Account number:      01400105200807
Swift Code:                EVBLNPKA
Address:                     Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sherpa Khangri will not be liable in case of any error or changes made in the banking information during the transaction and will not be hold responsible for the cost regarding it.


2.    Cancellation

The advanced payment worth 30% of the total amount will not be refunded if the client decides to cancel his trip any time after the payment is made.

As soon as the trip is booked, the agency is required to reserve porter, guides, hotels, and transportations for the tour. Cancelation from the client's part will not spare the agency of the obligation to pay for the provisions that are already made. So, it is nothing but the agency’s compulsion to charge client for the trip that they withdrew from.


3.    Last minute Booking
Last minute booking can be done only up to one month prior to the beginning of the trip but it will involve an early payment up to 100% of the total sum depending upon the situation.


4.    Over-night stay
Clients will be required to pay for an "over-night stay" all by themselves in case delay and negligence are caused by clients themselves. However if the delay is caused because of the mismanagement of the agency, political, or meteorological reasons, the agency will bear the charges.


5.    Overweight
The clients will charged for an additional baggage your luggage weight exceeds 15 kilograms. For every additional kilogram, you will be subjected to a charge of $1.5.


6.    Flight cancellation
Cancellation of flight by any party; be that the clients themselves or the airlines will not obligate the agency for any financial compensation. However, it is within the company policy to manage hotels for the costumers even when the cancellation is deliberate.


7.    Complaints
In case you have comments or complaints about anything during the travel, you the guide or the team leader will be the one to take care of it. Complaints might not always be taken care of, depending upon their degree and situation. However, feasible demands or thoughtful complaints will obligate them to take necessary actions.


8.    Equipments and materials
Any materials, gears or any equipment provided by the company for temporary basis must be returned to designated office representatives after the completion of trip. Any damage or loss made on the particular equipments, gears or materials, the clients are liable to pay for it.    


9.    Rules and Regulation
Sherpa Khangri Outdoors strictly believes in satisfaction of its clients can go at length to ensure an experience worth cherishing. However, no actions deemed illegal by the law of the nation shall be entertained during the trip. Any violation of the laws of the state will obligate the agency to inform the authorities.

An announcement will be made shortlisting the dos and don’ts for the guests before any activity. In order to ensure safety and satisfaction of the client as well as everybody else, the clients are required to abide by the instructions of the leader, coordinator or guide, strictly. The agency shall not be held responsible for any kind of injury or fatality inflicted upon the client or anybody else, by any activity caused by them because of defiance of the instructions given to them.


10.  Relation and Distance between Staff and Other guests
The clients need to be careful when it comes to maintaining relations with the staffs and other guests. While working on a team, especially for purpose of having fun, relation between two people within it is closely dictated by the sentiments and relations that they have between each other. Staffs are employed or contracted by the agency and thus have the authority while having decision. The agency does not appoint anyone without them having exclusive knowledge of the related field, so, it is expected that the clients respect the decision of the team leader or guide for the greater good.

A guest is expected to draw his own lines when it comes to maintaining relations with the other guests because any bad blood among the guests will be a burden they’ll have to carry throughout the tour. In addition to that, any kind of verbal and physical conflict will be resolved by the company and will also involve authorities if it is necessary.


11.  Insurance and travel Risk
An act sanctioned by the government in 2053 BS dictates that no insurance can be purchased by a foreigner. So it is important that they purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package from their respective countries against several factors that aren’t premeditated. Insurance against medical and natural calamity is a must while insurance against other factors like helicopter evacuations, trip cancellations, and personal accidents are also common.

Before embarking on a journey outside the capital, the agency will seek personal and insurance information from the clients so that proper steps and paper works can be carried out in case of unforeseen situations. In case a rescue is needed, our company will contact rescue companies and will manage all the paper works. However, our company will not take any risk regarding payment of rescue.


12.  Incomplete Tours
The trip may come to an end for the client because of ailment or personal injuries. In such cases, the client will not be entitled to refunds.

In addition to that, if because of a great disaster, the government might choose to order a cancellation or revoke permit of the agency. In such cases too, the agency will not be responsible for a refund or any other kind of restitution.   


13.  Alteration in Time and Cost
Circumstances may arise when the client chooses to alter the time of his travel. In such case, the time can be negotiated and consequent prices will be fixed based on the season of arrival.


14.  Additional Charge
There might be additional charges involved in some cased. Mostly, the trek is thought-out and prepared keeping certain range of economy. However, if the guest expects something more than we have offered in our plan, the price is sure to increase.
Other ways charges can increase is damaging a piece of equipment borrowed from the agency.


15.  Agreement to accommodate
Tours in the Himalayan region is sure to be devoid of all the affluence and facilities that one can get in the cities. Because of lack of infrastructures, there are some materials that may not be available despite the willingness of the client to pay for it. In such cases, the client must act in an understanding way and not act hostile to agency’s attempt. Also it is recommended that you understand well about the conditions and implications of the travel before you embark on it. It is also suggested that you carry along enough of the materials that are most needed to you and have less chance of being available in areas that are distant and remote.