Sherpa Khangri Outdoor Pvt Ltd is an outdoor adventure activities company based in Kathmandu Nepal. We excel our prime services in organizing Trekking, Peak climbing and Expeditions. Aaprt form this we even excel Camping Treks, Wild Honey Hunting, Everest Heli Breakfast , Culinary Cooking class, Wellness yoga and retreat packages, Scenic tours, Buddhism Pilgrim tours, Cultural and heritage tours , Singing Bowl class , Cycling ,Specific feast and festival tour , Art class etc.   We have a team of knowledgeable members,  young , honesty and energetic of both genders who are experts respectively in their own field. Sherpa Khangri Outdoor is established under Company Act 2053 and Tourism Act 2035 (Registration No: 135604/071/072. Pan No: 603496789). License No. : 1996/072 DOT.


Founder & CEO Recognized by the Guinness World Record

Temba Tsheri Sherpa, the founder and CEO of Sherpa Khangri . Sherpa was born and brought up in Dolakha, a small village located in Gaurishankar in eastern part of Nepal. Currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal. An expertise in expedition and trekking. An icon of Nepal who was once eminent for ascending the highest peak of the world Mt Everest 8848.86 m at the age of 16 recognized by the Guinness World Record in 2001.

Apart from Everest, he has also reached on top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Denali in Alaska, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Mount Amadablam, Island peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak etc. in Nepal, Mount Kamet in India and a few more.

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Adventure Activities with Niche Tourism 

We also facilitate rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, bird watching, mountain flight, bungee jumping, and cable car rides. If you are less interested in absorbing the beauty of Nepal, and are much willing to contribute something to the Nepalese society, we can facilitate volunteering too. In short we can customize the package according to your interest, time and budget and arrange the trip accordingly.

In addition to that, we can arrange hiking, tea house trekking, back packing trekking, photography and movie shooting ,Wellness yoga and retreat packages, Scenic tours, Buddhism Pilgrim tours, Cultural and heritage tours , Singing Bowl class , Cycling ,Specific feast and festival tour , Art class etc. in both nearby and remote corners of the country.


Meet the team

Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of travelling are taken care of, from the safety itself, to making momentos for you to take back home.

Executive Member


Temba Tsheri Sherpa


Mr. Sherpa has been prominent figure in tourism of Nepal. He holds the records as youngest person to climb Mt. Everest at age of 16 years. As tourism enthusiast and entrepreneur, he is driven to provide best quality services to clients and achieve high degree of excellencies.


Prem Tsheri Sherpa

Executive Director

Prem Chhiri Sherpa is an esteemed figure in the field of mountaineering, trekking, and outdoor activities, currently serving as the Executive Director of Sherpa Khangri Outdoors Pvt. Ltd., a renowned company operating in Nepal. With over a decade of experience in this fiercely competitive industry, Mr. Sherpa has established himself as a leading expert with a profound understanding of Nepal's geography, culture, and tourism.

As the Executive Director of Sherpa Khangri Outdoors Pvt. Ltd., Prem is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the company's continued success and delivering the highest level of service to its clients. Under his guidance, the company has gained a reputation for offering unparalleled adventure experiences, catering to both seasoned mountaineers and enthusiastic trekkers from around the world.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Prem Chhiri Sherpa is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the natural environment and the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. He passionately supports various initiatives aimed at safeguarding the country's resources, ensuring that the future generations can benefit from the beauty and wonders Nepal has to offer. As a firm advocate of ecotourism and responsible travel, Prem strives to strike a balance between promoting tourism and safeguarding the delicate ecosystems and traditions of Nepal.

With an extensive network of contacts in the travel industry, Prem Chhiri Sherpa holds a distinctive advantage. His vast connections enable Sherpa Khangri Outdoors Pvt. Ltd. to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations, resulting in enhanced offerings and enriched experiences for their clientele.

Throughout his career, Prem has been instrumental in organizing numerous successful expeditions and treks, earning him the trust and admiration of his peers and clients alike. His unparalleled knowledge of the region's terrain and culture allows him to tailor experiences that go beyond mere adventure, providing a deeper appreciation and understanding of Nepal's diverse landscape and people.

Prem Chhiri Sherpa's dedication to excellence, sustainable practices, and social responsibility has earned him recognition not only in the travel industry but also within the wider community. His visionary approach and relentless pursuit of perfection make him an invaluable asset to Sherpa Khangri Outdoors Pvt. Ltd., solidifying the company's position as a leading name in the adventure tourism sector.

As the Executive Director of Sherpa Khangri Outdoors Pvt. Ltd., Prem Tsheri Sherpa continues to inspire and lead by example, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and setting new standards for ethical and exceptional travel experiences in Nepal.


Nisha K


Nisha is a passionate individual dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences in the mesmerizing landscapes of Nepal. With a proven track record of leading successful tours, she is renowned for her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences. Her optimistic and enthusiastic nature shines through as she eagerly embrace the opportunity to connect with new people from diverse backgrounds.

Having catered to diverse groups of travelers, including British, German, American, Italian, and Portuguese/South American clients, she is adept at tailoring experiences to meet the unique preferences and expectations of each guest. She possess a keen understanding of different cultures and strive to create immersive experiences that celebrate the rich tapestry of global diversity.

Beyond her role as a program manager, she is currently pursuing a master's degree in tourism in Denmark. Her academic pursuit reflects her unwavering dedication to enhancing her knowledge and skills in order to provide the best possible service to our guests.

Staff Member


Nirab Manandhar

Operation Manager

Mr. Manandhar is a post graduated fellow in English and Tourism with a decade experience in Tourism sector.  His past experiences as Tour Executive ,excelling various  Inbound and Outbound tours. During course of marketing  in various Travel trade shows in various part of Nepal , Bangkok, Dubai, India , Malaysia -Singapore have added him more knowledge and confidence to tackle the competative tourism market.  Along to this he even conducts and entrepreneurship on Small FIT groups a niche domestic tours activities in Buddhism tours in Nepal & India , Cultural heritage, feast-festival tours, Culiniary class tours etc .

Joining with us in 2023 at Sherpa Khangri Outdoor, he handles all the Operational work and put them in priority piles to run successfully and smoothly with all the logistics needed , follow-ups of the trip. An enthusiastic guy ,love for the mountains and trekking holding a Nepal Government Licensed Trekking Guide , even guides as per the company needs. His expertise gained has been helpful to the company.  

pasang rinzee sherpa

Pasang Rinzee Sherpa

Senior Support Climber

Pasang Rinzee Sherpa is an avid mountaineer and photographer. He has been in this field for very long period of time. He is a professional climber with multiple 8000 meters summit in his resume. He has accomplished number of peaks and has been involved in the field of tourism since 2005. He initial started as a trekker and gained experience in tourism. He later completed several training and climbed several peaks to be professional mountaineer. He is also a photographer. He picked this skills by the way of interest. Later he got training and convert himself in a professional photographer too.

Here are his accomplishments in mountaineering field.

  • Successful ascent of Mount Everest (8848m) in 21st may 2017.
  • Successful ascent of Mount Everest (8848m) in 19th May 2018.
  • Successful ascent of Mt. Amadablam (6812m) in 2nd Nov, 2017.
  • Successful ascent of Muzhtagh Atta (7546m) in 26th Jul 2015.(China)
  • Successful ascent of Lenin Peak (7134m) in 25th Jul 2018.(Kyrgyzstan)
  • Successful ascent of Cholatse Peak (6440m) in 4th Nov 2018.
  • Successful ascent of Mera Peak (6476m) for three times.
  • Successful Ascent of Island Peak (6189m) for eight times.
  • Successful ascent of Lobuche Peak (6119m) for six times.
  • Successful ascent of Dhampus Peak (6012m) in 2013.
  • Successful ascent of Ramdung Peak (5925m) in 2016.
  • Successful ascent of Yelung Peak (5630m) in 2016.
  • Successful ascent of Yala Peak (5700m) in 2012.
  • Himlung Himal, 7126m.
  • Manaslu till camp iv, in 2019
  • Dhaulagiri (8,167 m) success 2020
  • Amdablam 4 times.
  • Manaslu till camp IV in 2021 winter.

He has also complete several trainings inorder to accomplish this amount of success in the field. The following are training and accomplishments made by Mr. Pasang Rinzee Sherpa.

  • Trekking Guide Training in 2009 at Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM).
  • Basic Mountaineering Training at Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) in 2016.
  • Rock Climbing Course Level One in 2017 at Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association (NMIA).
  • High Mountain Rescue Training-2017 at Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association (NMIA).
  • Mountain Medicine Training Level One in 2017.
  • 2nd Helicopter Marshall Course Conducted by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) in 2017.
  • Advanced Mountaineering Training Conducted by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) in 2017-18.
  • Nepali Guide Mountain Ski Training in 2015 by Khumbila Samrakshhan Pratisthan.
  • 18 Days Ski Tour Training with avalanche/crevasse rescue Training (7th to 25th 2016) by Ski and Snowboarding Foundation of Nepal.
  • 13 days Ski Tour Training with Avalanche Rescue Training (10th to 22nd Feb 2017) for the intermediate course held in Annapurna Base Camp by Ski and Snowboarding Foundation of Nepal.
  • Liaison Officer Training at Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) in 2018.
  • External Bleeding, Splinting Orthopedic Injuries, Acute Mountain Sickness, and Patient Packing. (Sentinel Outdoor Institute)
  • Completed Aspirant Guide Course, Component – one in (Dec-Jan 2018/19)
  • Successfully organized and completed Nepal’s ‘1st Ice climbing festival’ 2019, (2nd-10th) as a participant held in Manang Humde, Nepal.
  • Successfully completed three days Outdoor Photography Course organized by Everest Awakening.
  • Participant of “Basics of Nature Photography” by Kishwor Shrestha in October 2nd-4th 2020 organized by Everest Awakening in Association with Dream vision.
  • Feasibility study of Mardi Himal South-West Ridge Exploration in 1st -11th, Nov, 2020.
  • General Member of Nepal Mountaineering Association NMA.
  • General Member of Everest Summiteers Association ESA.
  • Involving in different Social Organizations.


Kaji Sherpa


Kaji Sherpa is recognized mountaineer and cyclist of Nepal. He has been working as a mountaineer and cyclist since 2007.


Angeli Sherpa

Trekking Guide / Mountain Climber

Angeli Sherpa 37, a young and experience team member of our company . Born in Dolakha Gaurishanker-9 Nepal, he has been trekking guide since 2003 and now as Mountian climbing guide . He had scaled Mount Everest summit twice , Annapurna I four times but succeed once, Manaslu thrice , Dhaulagiri once but succeed once , Amadablam twice and Himlung once.

He had trekked almost most trekking regions of Nepal . Dedication, cheerful and strong leadership is his quality .



Mountaineering High Mountain Rescue, NIMA

Rock level 1 Course, NIMa

Trekking guide training , NATHM

Eco trekking workshop, TAAN

Advance Wilderness First Aid course, KEEP 

Mountain Leadership Course - Component 1 and 2

High altitude Risk and Leadership Training , NTB



Sumitted Mt. Everest (2019 , 2022)

Sumitted Mt. Annapurna I (2015) / Non sumitted below 7500 m in 2014, 2019 and 8000m in 2022)

Sumitted Mt. Manaslu (2019,2020, 2021)

Sumitted Mt. Ama Dablam (2021 ,2022)

Sumitted Mt. Dhaulagiri (2023) / Non summit  (below 7500 m 2022)

Sumitted Mt. Himlung (2014)

and peaks like Island peak , Mera peak, Yala peak , Pachhermo peak , Yalung peak etc.  






Prem Bdr. Tamang

Trekking Guide / Mountain Climber

Prem Bahadur Tamang 27, a young and experience Trekking Guide and Mountian climber from Dhading Rubi valley Nepal. He has been in trekking from past 7 years. He then join our company and working with us since 2017. He has successful , leadership and honesty trekking records. 6000m peaks Mera, Island and Lobuche peaks are his success historic story. 


Krishna Thakuri

Trekking Guide

Krishna Thakuri 36, born in Dolokha Gaurishanker -8 Nepal . A long experience as potter in young age then to licensed  trekking guide since 2014 ;  he joint wih us since 2018. He had successfully taken his responsibility trek job with  honesty, hard and smart leadership . Apart from English , he knows French language too thats adds his skillful multi language . Joining us , he has successful and positive feedback from guests during trekking responsibility he admires.