This season of expedition in Mt Everest till date (26May 2023 ) has recorded of Twelve deaths and five been missing by official report . Those missing are sure now and is assumed of death . No hopes of alive that reached total of 17 , the highest death toll this spring 2023. 

A Nepali climber Ranjit Kumar Shah (Janakpur resident )and his Sherpa guide Phuri was out of contact from the South Summit since May 25. Their GPS was last tracked near the South Summit at around 1:00 amof May 25th, adding that its still uncertain whether they were descending to lower camps.

Differently abled (Deaf and dumb ) Malaysian Hawari Bin Hashim, has been  missing since May 18 when he arrived at Camp IV from scaling the summit. Likewise the other Singaporean climber Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya, too went missing from 8,500m. Reortedly till time its assumed he  fell from 8,500m  into the Tibetan side. Efforts are going into to search the missing climber as per the particular expedition teams. 

Solo climber from Hungary Suhajda Szilard had been missing from Hillary step this morning 25 May . He attempted to scale Mt Everest without supplemental bottle oxygen and a personal support from Sherpa members. Only he needed a base camp support that was given be temaof expedition team Seven Summit Treks. His last GPS tracking record was at 8,700m then after there has been no signal since . Rescue and efforts are underway to search him but due to bad weather above high camps it couldnot be taken place .


25 May:  Petrus Albertyn Swart , a Canadaian climber breathed his last after he fell ill above Camp IV.  He suffered from high altitude sickness while heading for the summit push and was helped to descend to Camp IV, but unfortunate  he then died on his way to Camp III. The climber was accompained by an expedition team by Madison Mountaineering.

21 May:  Kitchen support staff Ang Kami Sherpa had fallen at helipad near while collecting the expedition needed logistic at Camp II.  He died on Sunday ,21st May night confirmed by his expedition team Peak Promotion Pvt Ltd. An immediate rescue heli effort could not be taken place as the aviation authority restricted  flights above the base camp in the late evening. Its really a sad news .

19 May: An Australian climber Jason , Engineer took his last breathe at Balcony area above 8000 m after summiting . He was accompained by expedition team Asian Trekking . Jason, slowly showed some kind of abnormal behavior from the South Summit and his Sherpa guided him to bring to the Balcony area. Unfortunate  they  were out of oxygen and bringing supplement bottles from Camp IV couldn't be possible due to excessive winds. 

19 May:  Malaysian Police Ampuan Yaacub , who reached above south summit fell ill .  Then he couldnot move above . Sherpa team helped to descend him back but he breathed his last on the way down to Camp IV. 

18 May : While heading for the summit push a 52 year old Xuebin Chen- breathed his last near south summit on Mt Everest  .

18 May: An Indian woman climber who fell ill at  Everest base camp was taken to Lukla hospital . She too breathe her last at Lukla hospital .

 17 May: Victor Brinza from Moldova breathed his last after he fell ill at South Col .

 16 May : Nepali climber , Phurba Sherpa also breathed his last near Yellow Band above Camp III .

01 May: American Doctor Jonathan Sugarman aged 69, too died during his acclimatization rotation at Camp II .

On April 12:  3 Nepali Sherpas viz : Dawa Tseri Sherpa, Pemba Tenzing Sherpa, and Lakpa Rita Sherpa were buried in an avalanche  icefall break route above the base camp.