In the parliament house on Monday May 29 , Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat unveiled the budget for the forthcoming fiscal year 2080/81.

Addressing the joint session of the federal parliament ,Finance Minister Mahat stated on the importance of Nepal tourism.Thus, the government has declared the years 2023-2033 as the Tourism Decade, giving its imporatance in promoting Nepal as a prime tourist destination. 

 The tourism industry is the second source of nation economic growth.  Nepal's budget for the fiscal year 2080-81 targets to attract more tourists and boost the sector's contribution to the national economy. The government aims to increase tourist spending from the existing $48 to $125, budget outlines plans to create one million direct jobs in the tourism sector providing employment opportunities for the local population.

Additionally, the goal is to elevate the tourism sector's contribution to the national GDP to 10 percent as a major revenue generator. Also aims to bring tourist numbers back to pre-pandemic levels by 2024 and  restoring Nepal's position as a top tourist destination.