1. We are a genuine and responsible tourism agency
Our registration to Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation as well as to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Department of Internal Revenue and Taxation is the testimony of our legality. Furthermore, we are affiliated to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) which make us all the more responsible and recognized.  

2. Customer Satisfaction is our motto
For any business to grow, advertisement is needed, and we believe, complete satisfaction of the current customers paves way to a better business than any kind of advertisement. So, if you permit us to guide or lead you on any type of adventure that you want to be a part of in Nepal, we will try our best to make your experience you can cherish all your lifetime.

3. Young and Enthusiastic yet Experienced and Recognized
Sherpa Khangri Outdoors (P) Limited is run by youths who have achieved a lot of recognition in short period of time. And since the members of the team hail from places which are either same or identical to the locations they work, it makes them all the more knowledgeable and experienced which ultimately affects the degree of safety. This also enables people to know more about the local cultures and have more fun along the way.

4. Flexible Offers
Although most of the terms and conditions cannot be altered because of the risks in tourism field, our offers are made in such a way that they offer maximum flexibility or extendibility. There aren’t exactly hard and fast rules regarding schedule and length of travels and if a customer demands a certain degree of alteration, the agency will customize to accommodate. However, costs will alter accordingly.

5. Socially and Environmentally Responsible
Although people tend to be a little competitive and aggressive in business, we do not retain the motive of being hostile to the environment and society for profit. We prefer ways that are environment friendly and socially responsible. We try our best to leave the natural environment in the very state as we found it. Thus, we encourage our guests to keep litters to the minimum and promote the use of biodegradable alternatives instead of cheap, disposable plastic bags. Similarly, for uplifting the economic conditions of people of rural areas, we prioritize them in terms of employment, not just because of their knowledge of those places but because it’s good for them as well.

6. Fairness
We do not take excessive charge any kind of activities and believe in paying fair wages to porters, guides, and everyone else who contributes to the business even in slightest of manner. We do not advertise falsely about our abilities and honestly present the difficulties regarding a certain activity, if there are any.