Everest Awaking team and US Nepal Climbers Association (USNCA) held a small Meet and Greet event  with the visitor  leader team members of Nepal Mountaineering Association in New York City ,May 20. During the event NMA General Secretary Mohan Lamsal, discussed about several mountaineering and tourism issues including the global climatic change and its impace ,effect , crisis, mountaineous environment, insurance policies for all the Mountain workers and their safety.

Similarlly , Pradip Shrestha -Travel Bureau of Nepal, USA, concluded that Nepal Tourism Board and other related agencies on tourism promote Nepal in international market. Yet , their reach on mountaineous region and the people working is not relevant . Moreover, Pema Chhewang Sherpa, founder of Everest Awakening, said that mountain expeditions brings billions of dollars every season to Nepal but from the Nepal Government level this  hasnot been done anything to support the mountian region and the welfare of climber communities.