In case you do not think that you’re up for conquering the snowcapped giant Himalayan Mountains, and prefer to relish on their beauty from distance, trekking is the kind of adventure, you should go on. Nepal has numerous trekking routes all around the country that enables a visitor to roaming close to the nature and see exotic animals, birds, plants, rivers, valleys, monuments and landmarks. Trekking in Nepal can serve as a refreshing break from your hectic and mundane life, leading you into the depths of nature where you can truly discover the sensation that had been missing from your life.

Sherpa Khangri Outdoors P. Ltd. has skilled employs and professional contacts who are dedicated to arrange and lead you to the wilderness and help you make life lasting memories out of them. If the word wilderness gets you nervous, rest assured, Sherpa Khangri P. Ltd. guarantees your safety. Here is a list of the most popular routes throughout the nation where the agency can facilitate your trek.