Nepal is not just diverse in terms of nature; it is a home to many different cultures, religions, customs and traditions. Sherpa Khangri Outdoors can arrange tours to different portions of country which are either of natural significance or attractive from cultural point of view or both.  A tour to Baridiya National Park or Chitwan National Park can be a good place to get lost in the wilderness and observe some exotic animals like Bengal Tiger and One Horned Rhino. But if you are willing to get a taste of Nepali rural life, Ghandruk Village, Darau Sirubari Villages and Ghale Gaun are excellent destinations. Pokhara is the tourism capital of the nation which is famous for being the city of seven lakes. Besides, it is the only gateway to adventures like paragliding and zip-flyers.          

So, if you want to taste the hospitality of Nepalese people, observe their tradition and culture and harmony that is the very binding fabric of nation or if you want to fulfill your soul that is hungry to get in touch with nature, we have several tour offers waiting for you.

Although tours are flexible depending upon how much time you have and how much you are willing to pay, the popular routes for tours around Nepal are:


1. Kathmandu-Chitwan-Lumbini-Pokhara Tour

No of Days       : 9 (adjustable)

Best Season    : Autumn or Spring

Team Size        : Minimum 1 and Maximum 30


Major Attractions:

  1. Durbar Squares and Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu
  2. Swayambhunath and Bouddhanath Stupa, Kathmandu
  3. Elephant Breeding Center and Elephant Bath, Chitwan
  4. Elephant safari or Jungle Walk, Chitwan
  5. Bird watching, Chitwan
  6. Boating, Chitwan/Pokhara
  7. Chitwan National Park, Chitwan
  8. Tharu Cultural Dance, Chitwan
  9. Mayadevi Temple (The birthplace of Buddha) and other monasteries in Lumbini
  10. Sunrise in Sarangkot, Pokhara
  11. Caves, Davi’s Falls, Lakes in Pokhara
  12. May also include cycling, paragliding, zip-flying, etc.

Transportation between major cities will take place through either airplanes or buses depending upon the choice of clients.

There may be alteration in the schedule and places depending upon the choice and budget of the client. For example, it can also be modified so as to skip Lumbini and head straight to Pokhara from Chitwan. In addition to that, Bandipur near Pokhara and Nagarkot near Kathmandu are other attractions that are popular among tourists that can be added to the tour. A cable car ride from Kurintar (which is on the way to Kathmandu) to Manakamana (a place with a shrine dedicated to the most revered goddess) is another main attraction that people seldom miss.


2.Muktinath Tour

No of Days       : 5 (adjustable)

Best Season    : Autumn or Spring

Team Size        : Minimum 1 and Maximum 30



  1. Snow-capped Mountains
  2. Astounding view of Beni Bazar, Myagdi
  3. Kaligandaki river
  4. Apple Orchards
  5. Popular sites and activities in Kathmandu and Pokhara city as mentioned in former category
  6. Additional tour to Bandipur, Nagarkot, and Manakamana depending upon client’s preference.


The tour will begin from Kathmandu, and will lead you to Pokhara then to Muktinath, and back to Pokhara and finally Kathmandu again.


Muktinath tour will show you the face of Nepal which you cannot see elsewhere. Unlike most other tourism spots that rest on the lap of mighty Himalayas, Muktinath lies beyond them. Although primarily this tour is for Hindu and Buddhist devotees who visit this place in order to pay homage to god Muktinath, it offers an unparalleled experience for anyone who embarks on the tour. Quite a few years ago, it used to be purely a trekking route, inaccessible by vehicle, but towards these days, dusty roads enable vehicles to transport people to this place.


3. Family Tour

No of Days       : 9 (adjustable)

Best Season    : Autumn or Spring

Team Size        : Minimum 1 and Maximum 16

Family tour is a derivative of the first category, but specifications and accommodations are made in such a way that they are suitable for family.



4.Educational Tour

No of Days       : 14 (adjustable)

Best Season    : Autumn or Spring

Team Size        : Minimum 1 and Maximum 30

Top Altitude     : 3200 m


Nepal, despite being a small nation, is diverse in its own ways. Culturally, geographically, and biologically, Nepal exhibits diversity which can rarely be observed in other parts of the world. Besides, Nepal is also a habitat to flora and fauna that are rare and significant in its one right. So Nepal can be a very good place to observe and learn about nature and society.

The educational tour will take you all the way to Chitwan from Kathmandu, and then will lead you to Pokhara from where trekking to Ghorepani, Poonhill, and Ghandruk begins. The trek will last 4 to 5 days, and on that run you will be acquainted to cultures, traditions and cuisines of indigenous people of Nepal. This tour will also take you to all the places that the first category of tour promises.


5. Honeymoon Tour

No of Days       : 12 (adjustable)

Best Season    : Autumn or Spring

Team Size        : Up to 10 couples in a group


            The features of the first category are managed in such a way that it becomes more suited for the newly wedded couple. Standard honeymoon package will additionally consist of a mountain flight.


6.Christmas and New Year Tour

No of Days       : 12 (adjustable)

Best Season    : Autumn

Team Size        : Up to 40 couples in a group


Although Nepal is predominantly a Hindu state, with Buddhism ranking second, Nepal has a religious harmony and Christmas is widely celebrated much like a social festival. The shops and restaurant get decorated in spirit of Christmas and anyone who wants to have a good time in Christmas will have his wish fulfilled.


Also Nepal follows Vikram Sambat, a calendar system that started almost 57 years earlier to the Gregorian Calander. However, the end of December and the beginning of January is celebrated with the same passion as the rest of the world.


            This package is much the same as the first one, however, it will be timed in such a way that Christmas Eve can be celebrated in Chitwan, and you’ll be in Pokhara for bidding a farewell to the end of the year.