Rock climbing is an activity of climbing up or across the face of giant natural rock or artificial man made replica.It an adventurous activity but it requires both physical fitness and mental agility. It also requires proper knowledge of techniques and gears crucial to ensure the safety. In Nepal, it is a growing attraction for tourists inside and outside the country because of abundance of locations suitable for the purpose. However, only a handful of them are molded and prepared to match adventure with safety, so one must be really careful while selecting the sites.

Some of the most preferred sites include Nagarjun Forest Reserve, Hattiban, Nagarkot, Bimal Nagar (Bandipur) and Namche Bazzar. The latter two are located relatively farther from the capital city of Nepal.

Sherpa Khangri Outdoors can make arrangements that ensure you are having a good time climbing, without compromising safety. We are linked with teams of professional climbers who are recognized internationally for the services they render. So, if you are a rock climber and you’re intending to visit Nepal, Sherpa Khangri Outdoors welcomes you.

The most important places within Kathmandu Valley that offer remarkable rock climbing experiences are located in the periphery of Nagarjun Forest Reserve and Shivapuri National Park. They bring together the fun of rock climbing with bird watching, sight-seeing and roaming in the wilderness.

Balaju Rock Climbing:

It is located within Nagarjun Forest Reserve and consists of a cliff where both beginners and experts can hone their skills. It consists of a 12-15 meters of limestone rock face that can be climbed freely by a professional, but might require use of chocks if you are an amateur. It also consists of remnants of earlier climb that not only states its popularity but also becomes useful to those who are eager to learn the skill as a beginner. It has more than 21 different climbing routes.

One day Rock Climbing Schedule

Departure time : 8:00 am
Balaju : 9:00 am
Hiking (40-45 min)
Rock climbing spot 9:45 am
Lunch 1:00 pm 
Departure from Balaju 4:00 pm

Hattiban Rock Climbing

In Hattiban, 8 well-bolted and well equipped routes await a rock climber promising an experience that is unique because of the location and the view it offers. It is located in such a way that it promises a view of nearby villages and monasteries. It is an appropriate place for climbing in winter because of the hill gets sunlight all day due to its facing the south.

One day Rock Climbing Schedule

Departure time : 8:00 am
Hattiban : 9:15 am
Hiking (30-45 mins)
Rock climbing spot 10:00 am
Lunch 01:30 pm
Departure from Hattiban 04:30 pm    

Bimal Nagar Rock Climbing

Bimal Nagar rock climbing site is newly opened site situated in the south west from Kathmandu valley on the way to Pokhara city. It is 140 km far and takes almost 5 hours by land transportation from Kathmandu. The climbing collects the view of Mt. Manaslu and flowing Marshyandi River. There are 5 fixed routes to climb the 55m high natural rock wall for the beginners but the well experienced climber can choose other climbable route. The schedule for this trip can be arrange as the client's interest.