Apart from mountaineering and trekking, Nepal is also popular for different water-borne recreational and adventurous activities like rafting, canyoneering, kayaking, etc.In fact, Nepal is recognized as one of the best destination for people who like to indulge themselves in water related adventures.Out of them,rafting stands out because ofthe presence of large, fast-flowing, perennial rivers throughout the nation.The crashing and swirling of waves drive down the raft, offering a thrilling sensation. The journey through the rivers is often accompanied by the spectacular view of the mountains in the backdrop.

The Himalayas give birth to a lot of rivers which surge down to the plains of Nepal and India to mix into the Ganges.During Monsoon, this nation receives a lot of rain which make the rivers dangerous and formidable. However, during the winter, chiefly between December and February, the water levels in the rivers are low and despite the cold, they are best suited for rafting.However, some people do prefer to raft during the months of March and early April also.However, in the later months, chances of precipitation and the haze in the atmosphere can make rafting a tedious and apathetic. So it is very necessary to inquire about the suitability of weather before you really decide to jump into a raft.

There are tens of rivers in Nepal that can offer a rafting experience. However, most of them are located in the remote and less explored, far reaches of the country, which might not exactly be what you’re looking for. If so, the choices will be limited and be narrowed down to a handful of rivers.Trishuli, Seti, Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, and Kaligandaki rivers are located nearer to the urbanized portion of the nation, while Arun, Tamor, Karnali, and Bheri rivers can be accessible only after a long journey or a flight from Kathmandu.

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