The austerity and rigor in a mountaineer’s life is incomplete until he visits Nepal and scales one of the peaks in the mystic Himalayas. Thus there is no exception when we say, “Nepal is the Mecca for mountaineers.” That is not just because of the presence of highest peak on earth, Mount Everest, but also because eight out of fourteen additional Eight-Thousands peak  are located in Nepal. Every year, Nepal receives hundreds of daredevils from around the world who like to contest the harshness of the nature with their bravery, and obstinacy. With 135 different kinds of peaks open and recognized as mountaineering peak, Nepal can be both the training ground as well as the ‘holy grail’ of mountaineering.

Every year, tens of agencies in and outside the nation lead expeditions to various peaks throughout the nation. Although the expeditions to climb atop the Everest gathers all the attention and often makes the most headlines, there are other peaks which commands great amount of courage and attention.

Here is a list of popular mountaineering routes offered by Sherpa Khangri Outdoors P. Ltd.