It’s a well-known fact that eight of the ten highest mountain peaks are located in Nepal. Besides, Nepal is a home to many mystical peaks that captivates the onlooker’s soul just at a glance. Walking on them, or at least being close to them is something millions of people dream of. Mountain flight is meant to make the very dream of observing the great Himalayas from camera range come true.The flight will take you up close to the awe inspiring, breathtaking Himalayas that stand tall as the symbol of beauty and glory. Such flights take place mostly in the morning, and all time of the year except for monsoon. However, the best view can be achieved in either autumn or spring.

Most airlines within the nation offer this kind of flight in various forms. The flights are carried out either from the capital city, Kathmandu or Pokhara, the tourism center of Nepal.What should be noted is that, only a handful of airlines will take you on a mountain flight to the Everest.However, it doesn’t mean the rest of the flights aren’t going to be memorable.

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