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TASHI SHERPA ( General Manager )

Tashi Sherpa has been in the tourism sector the last 18 years leading treks and tours for various different international companies through out Nepal and Tibet. Travel and trekking expert providing trainings to Tour and trek leaders of Nepal since 1999. Energetic, motivated highly organized and skilled at balancing the needs of clients in both personal and professional capacities. Dedicated to deliver the highest quality service to every client with his 18 years of experience.


   Besides his expertise in travel industry, he works as photo stringer of Associated Press providing amazing pictures of Nepal and works as professional photographer since 2015.

Graduated from Shanker Dev Campus in Business Administration, he has been consistently recognized by his previous companies for providing superior customer service and connecting with the company. He has successfully completed the Training of Trainers Training held by Nepal Mountaineering Association. He has been recognized and has been awarded the Best CEO in Asia Region in 2011 by CEO Bruce Poon Tip of a multinational company G Adventures in Bangkok. He loves to express the feel of Nepal and Tibet through photography. Some of his photos have been published in National Geographic and various leading newspapers across the world.


    Tashi is now General Manager of the company providing his expertise and manages the company with either it be marketing strategies or uplifting the company’s value and provides high quality service to our valued customers. He hopes to run his dad’s legacy who was also a mountaineer and a trekker and try to be the best ambassador of Nepal to our guests and show what we see from a local’s eye trying to provide authentic experience.