Nepal is one of the least developed countries in Asia, with an economy that mostly relies on remittance from Nepalese who've been to various points of globe in search of job. Then follows tourism, which is developing at a very slim rate. Nepal lacks every kinds of infrastructures in the remote part of the country has left a large mass of population illiterate and unable to meet their health needs. In addition to that people of Nepal are not unknown to natural disasters, famines and droughts as well. The fast flowing rivers expands by several times and bring about floods and landslides which jeopardize the lives and properties around the nation. With a chronic political instability endangering the progress of nation in every aspect, there are millions of people in Nepal who could use a helping hand and motivation. 

So if you are looking for a place where you thoughts, action, goodwill and investments can make a difference, Nepal is one such place. Your participation can bring about changes that might bring happiness in the eyes of thousands of people. One recent example is Maggie Doyne who was awarded the title of CNN Hero 2015 for her contribution in educating hundreds of underprivileged children.  

Sherpa Khangri Outdoors can itself be a part of your design, or can link you to interested parties if you have some good thoughts for Nepal.